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                    History of Sams Shoe Store

Sam’s Shoe Store has been in business on G street in Reedley since 1914, selling shoes from the same location.  Sam’s is the oldest family operated business in downtown Reedley.  The current owner, Eric Parichan, is the fourth generation to own Sam’s Shoe Store.

The leather business for the Parichans began with Eric’s great great-grandfather in Turkish Armenia who lived in the city of Harpoot.  His name was Sumpat Paretchanian, the last name was given to him by the Armenian Pope.  When Paretchanian came to America in 1912, he changed his name by shortening it to Sam Parichan.  The country looked promising and he returned to Armenia briefly.  He returned to the Reedley area in 1914 with his wife Mary and their two sons, Jack and Albert and two daughters Minnie and Elizabeth, a third daughter was born here.

In 1914, Sam obtained a small space in the front part of J.W. Nickels men’s shop on G street in the location of the present Sam’s Shoe Store.  To get Sam started in crafting new shoes and repairing worn ones, Nickel gave the shoemaker the space at no cost.  Once the business was established, the rent was $50 a month.  During World War I, the Nickels moved to Fresno and offered the store to the Parichans.  For $12,000 Sam purchased the building.

Albert Parichan married Margaret Kalajian on June 10, 1923.  The had two sons, Ralph and James.  In 1951, Albert and Jack Parichan became partners in business when their father passed away.  Jack retired in 1961 and Ralph became Albert’s partner.  Ralph became the sole owner in 1968.  

A year after he took over the business, Ralph had the store remodeled.  He has had the store remodeled two more times since.  The last time was in 1983 when extensive remodeling and refurbishing was completed.  This included some exterior improvements as well as rear signing on the building.  There is a back entrance and parking to the rear of the store.

Ralph married Hedy Braun in 1961.  They have two sons, Eric and Kevin.  Kevin graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and is currently employed in the Bay Area.  Eric joined his father as a partner at Sam’s in 1992.  Eric graduated from California State University Fresno and was employed at Gottschalks in various positions for seven years.  In 1989, Eric married Michelle Carroll.  Eric and Michelle have three sons, twins Craig and Daniel born in 1991 and Brett who was born in 1993.

Sam’s has been and always will be a store that carries shoes for the entire family.  We sell top name brand footwear at very competitive prices with great service.  We carry over two dozen different brands of shoes for men, women, and children.

1127 G Street, Reedley, CA 93654

(559) 638-3212

Email  samshoe@verizon.net
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